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tv   U.S. Senate Mc Connell and Schumer Wrap Up  CSPAN  March 23, 2020 10:27am-10:34am EDT

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conclude and understand that there is -- we have no time for games here. this is getting worse by the day. we got to act now. i hope before the clock strikes midnight tonight we will vote in favor of cloture on the motion to proceed, the procedural vote that allows us to pass this bill as soon as possible. >> here's a look at the final exchange of sunday nights senate session between majority leader mitch mcconnell and minority leader charles schumer. they talked about the next steps for the coronavirus economic relief package and when senator schumer raise an objection about the schedule, senator mcconnell had to change the start time for today's session with no agreement on when the next vote will be. >> majority leader. >> ask the quorum call be dispenseden with. >> without objection.
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>> i ask unanimous consent when the senate completes its business today it edger until 9 a.m. monday march 23. further, that following the morning pledge the morning our be deemed expired, approved to date, , time for the two leaders to be reserved and use later and morning business be close. further, following the remarks of senate presume consideration of the motion of pre--- proceed to h.r. 748. >> is her objection? >> reservingng the right to object. >> the democratic leader. >> thank you, madam president. now, i know majority leader likes to talk about partisanship but we're not here for that reason. the bill where voting on will affect us for not just in the days to, but in the months and years to come. we need the best deal possible. we democrats have seen some real flaws in the bill that was put on the floor by the republicans.
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and what it has is, for instance, a giant, giant corporate bailout fund with no accountability. you wouldn't even know if the loans were made until six months later. what we've seen is a cutback in what we asked for for hospitals, doctors, nurses, masks, equipment we did more money than republican majority proposed. what we've seen is no money for state and local governments. they are going broke. they have huge,. huge new expenses. we need to make those better. and so the bottom line is very simple. we are fighting for a better bill because this bill will have an effect for a very, very long time. i had been working with secretary mnuchin, the president's congressional liaison have been my office about six times tonight. we are making progress. i think there's aee good chancee will have an agreement, but we
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don't need our official deadlines. we will get this done. we will come in at noon and hopefully we will have an agreement by then. so i object. >> objection is heard. >> madam president? >> the majority leader. >> as i have said repeatedly, i think all 100 of us know, we had a good bipartisan bill developed on a bipartisan basis with members in the senate over the last 48 hours until the democratic leader and the speaker of the house decided to blow it all up and play russian roulette with markups. the futures market is dramatically down going into tomorrow. the asian markets i suspect come i haven't checked, are probably rattled by all this. nothing would have been lost by allowing us to get on the bill because they could've used 30 more hours, not that they should have but they could have used 30
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more hours to continue to negotiate.e every single one of them has been on record prevented us from taking the next step toward getting an agreement the american people are waiting and waiting and waiting for us to get. so result of what the majority leader, of the democratic leader just did, was to prevent us from voting right after the markets opened in the morning and allow the markets to be rattled until noon. further evidence of the reckless behavior we had witnessed on the democratic side in the senate over the last hours. so, madam president, i ask unanimous consent when the senate completes its business today it adjourned until 12 noon monday, march 23. further following the privilege the morning hour be deemed expired, the general be approved
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to date. the time for the latest be reserved for use relayed in the day and morning business be close. further, following the remarks the senate resumed consideration to the motion procedure h.r. 748. >> without objection. >> so if there's no further business to come before the senate i asked to stand adjourned. >> the senate stand adjourned until noon tomorrow. >> , it up at the top of the our maryland's governor larry what briefed reporters about the coronavirus outbreak in his state. we will have live coverage at 11 eastern here on c-span2. the u.s. senate is back at noon eastern after failing to advance a third coronavirus eight eight billions to with negotiators continued today. expect to see boats this afternoon on the bill. live senate coverage here on
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c-span2. this afternoon the white house coronavirus task force headed by vice president pence will hold a news conference. live coverage at 5:30 p.m. eastern on c-span with a quick reminder you can watch all of our programs online at or listen with a free c-span radio app. now here's more of yesterdays senate debate on the coronavirus relief bill. >> the people are watching this, i'm told the futures market is down 5%. i'm also told that's when trading stops. sohe the notion that we have tie to play games here with the american economy and the american people is utterly absurd. explain what just happened.what just our good friends on the other side would not have been disadvantaged one bit if this vote had succeeded because it would have required potentially 30


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